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    Herbert Norkus Unit 12 SS

    On 13th Feb 1943 Himmler sent a letter to Axman stating Hitler had agreed to the formation of a HJ Waffen
    Unit proposong Hitlerjugend to be conferred on the Division as well as the name Herbert Norkus on one of its units.

    Did this unit happen as I cant find any mention in my research so far?



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    Nick, this is the only "officially" named Herbert Norkus unit that I am aware of.

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    Thanks Darin! That is a fascinating thread regarding Herbert Norkus
    Your collection never ceases to amaze me!

    I really dont think the 12th
    had a "Herbert Norkus" unit as I cant find any info at all about it!

    Unless anyone else has read anything!


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