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    Iron cross first class, given to HJ for combat performance in Berlin 1945!

    Hallo Gentˋs,
    i have been told that this cross is given to a youngster in 1945 under the battle for Berlin! Can this be true? I canˋt figure out which Company made it back then. It has No markings and glossy finish.

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    Dont buy the story , buy the item .... From what I have read and from the photos I have seen ... there were 1 or 2 Hitlerjugend awarded the EK 1 in Berlin during the famous awards ceremony of 20 HJ on March or April of 1945 in Berlin . The rest were awarded the EK2 .

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    Joecool is very right. Buy what you see, not what you're told!!! is there any evidence to prove that this EK1 was awarded to a HJ pimpf? Of course not. The thing is that I cannot identify the marker. Maybe it's my fault, but I don't really like the back of the cross, maybe the pin has been replaced or something... Well, if I were you, I wouldn't buy this cross. But if you decide to buy it, don't pay for the story, and don't overpay for this cross.

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    Yes don't believe the stories unless your dad liberated the medals lol
    canadian with medals.jpg

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    Haha, Nice going

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    I did pay 4500 CHZ for it. Should be like half price, of the value i guess.! It's Deumer erly, I was told.

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