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    A couple of pictures for nick
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    Quote Originally Posted by operaman View Post
    Hey gang,I know that the 12th did not fight in the Battle of Berlin,what I was trying to say is that the Heroics of the HJ were ledgendary and that the reports I have seen said that the 12th in general was not that great when they were in Normandy and Budapest.Who was that kid that took out 14 Russian tanks! CHEERS ,Mike.
    I think you are refering to the story of Hitlerjunge Nowak. I can't find the link but there's an extensive discussion on Axis History Forum regarding this story, seems some have the opinion that this was a legend started by a volkssturm commander or something.

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    Great Pics Zander Many thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by zander View Post
    A couple of pictures for nick
    How cool does Wunshe look on that photo, do you think he was posing for the camera :)

    Thanks again for pics, if you have any more please send :)


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    Some more details

    Knight's Cross with Swords
    Kurt Meyer, 27.08.1944 Oberführer Commander 12th SS Panzer Div Hitlerjugend [6]
    [edit] Knight's Cross with Oakleaves
    Gerhard Bremer, 26.11.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander 12th SS Panzer Reconnaissance Btn
    Max Wünsche, 11.08.1944 Obersturmbannführer Commander 12th SS Panzer Rgt [6]

    Kurt Meyer displaying Knight's Cross with Oakleaves[edit] Knight’s Cross
    [edit] SS Panzer Regiment 12
    Arnold Jürgensen, 16.10.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander I./12th SS Panzer Rgt
    Karl Heinz Prinz 11.07.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander II./12th SS Panzer Rgt
    Richard Rudolf, 18.11.1944 Oberscharführer platoon commander 12th SS Panzer Rgt
    Hans Siegel, 23.08.1944 Hauptsturmführer Commander 8th Company, 12th SS Panzer Rgt [6]
    [edit] SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 25
    Werner Damsch, 17.04.1945 Hauptsturmführer Commander I./12th SS Panzergren Rgt
    Siegfried Müller, 19.12.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander 25th SS Panzergren Rgt
    Hans Waldmüller, 27.08.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander I./25th SS Panzergren Rgt [6]
    [edit] SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 26
    Emil Dürr, 23.08.1944 Unterscharführer Geschützführer, 4th Heavy Company, 26th SS Panzergren Rgt
    Bernhard Krause, 18.11.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander I./26th SS Panzergren Rgt
    Wilhelm Mohnke, 11.07.1944 Obersturmbannführer Commander 26th SS Panzergren Rgt
    Erich Olboeter, 28.07.1944 Sturmbannführer Commander III.(gep.)/26th SS Panzergren Rgt [6]
    [edit] SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 12
    Oskar Drexler, 06.05.1945 Obersturmbannführer Commander 12th SS Panzer Art Rgt 12 [6]
    [edit] SS Panzerjäger Battalion 12
    Fritz Eckstein, 18.11.1944 Rottenführer Richtschütze, 1st Battery, 12th SS Pz Jäg Btn
    Georg Hurdelbrink, 16.10.1944 Obersturmführer Commander 1st Battery, 12th SS Pz Jäg Btn
    Rudolf Roy, 16.10.1944 Oberscharführer platoon commander, 1st Battery, 12th SS Pz Jäg Btn [6]

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