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    12 ss panzer

    That is a quote from Richard Wagners opera Siegfried,he is singing about a magic sword (Nortung) Translation '' Only one who has never felt fear shall fordge Nortung anew-You were broken but I made you whole'' Then Siegfried plunges the sword into a dragon's heart.Mike C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by operaman View Post
    Can anyone recomend any books in english about the 12th.I remember the Movie The Battle of the Bulge with Henry Fonda there was a part where a division of young SS sang a combat song I wonder if they were playing the part of the 12th SS.Really spine chilling.Cheers
    wel the museum of Baugnez has a website: News of the Historical Center Baugnez 44 - Malmedy in english too. i've been there 3 times now and they have a lot of books in the shop on the 12th. You could contact them:

    hope it helps

    Quote Originally Posted by Stickgrenade View Post
    Good links thanks Henrik!

    Do you have any info on their training camp at Beverloo?

    hope you know dutch, m8:001_tt2:

    try this in google: kamp beverlo

    and you 'll learn all there is to know on the place.
    also on the HJ div that layed there during the war

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    in this book (in french),you can find some pictures about the training camp in Beverloo,and other places too

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    The book stickgrenade shows in a two volume is the best detailed research I have read. youthman

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