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    3 different magazines

    Jugend und Heimat (die Jugendherberge) April 1938
    Das Wikingerschiff October 1939
    Wir Schulmädel April 1936

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    Wir Schulmädel is a new one for me. What kind of things does it cover?

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    this issue is all sports.
    what kinda patches is that girl wearing?
    is the eagle flemish?
    and there is a picture inside of a girl throwing discos.
    heck, she looks strong!!
    an issue from juni 1936 is about "siebenburger jugend and siebenburgische kinder?"
    there is also an article about im schatten des mondes and one about die deutschesn find ein 100-million volk, jeder dritte Deutsche (wohut auherhalb der reichsgrenzen).
    then there are mentioned countries (buchenland,eupen-malmedy,nordschleswig and canada,chile etc.).
    sorry. but the written word is in gothic/old german and i don`t know that Language!!
    though, the main issue is concerning bunad (a norwegian word for a type of costume).
    please google that word and search for pictures.
    i cannot explain it well in English
    i guess that was too much info?

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    Thanks for the info Sounds very interesting. The chest insignia on her shirt will be for a civilian athletics club I would have thought. The eagle insignia behind her left forearm is in the position normally used for cloth achievement / qualification badges. I don't recognise that one though. Does the magazine say who she is and where she's from?

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    sorry, but no.
    there is some mention of olympia in Los Angeles in 1932 (taken out of context)?
    i will try to look harder when i get back from work.

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    Okay, looking forward to hearing more.

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