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    Der Gesundheitsdienst des BDM in der HJ

    Hallo kameraden!

    I've just received this little book "der gesundheitsdienst des BDM in der HJ"


    This book was edited on May 1941 by der ReicHJugendführung


    Inside you can see many anatomical pictures and how to help injured people.Also pictures presenting the content of a "verbandkasten"


    Notice on the right: Your "halstuch" can save your life!!!

    untergau 161/Düren

    If you want to see the entire book,all the first aid topics,take a look on this page
    ( Bund Deutscher Maedel - A Historical Research Page and Online Archive )

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    hallo.I've received this version of the book.Same editor,exactly the same content.The cover is stiff


    Do you know the difference between this book and the first?
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    Seems to me, that the one with the nice BDM girl on the cover was the first edition, probably during peace time.
    The more down-to-earth cover was going with the second edition which was done already during the war in 1941.

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    Hallo Christian,thank you

    I can add a new picture to help you

    The main difference between the two books.Notice the year 1941

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    In "youth led by youth vol 2",on page 41,

    this other edition,for the boys titled "jungen im gesundheitsdienst"


    Does anybody here own this book,to compare the content?

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