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    Is that the 1934 issue Alois?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Is that the 1934 issue Alois?
    Hello Garry
    yes this is the 1934 edition.

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    A perfect looking copy. The price, woah.

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    Thanks Alois I so want a copy of that but as Darin said, the price... I'd definitely pay the new owner for a scan though.

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    Different pages to the 1933 edition

    Here are the other 3 pages, which are different to the welknown 1933 edition (Philip Baker-Youth led by youth)

    Yes, I also would take a copy of the different pages, spezially the page with the USA DJ-rune-patch and the two triangles,would be great.
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    I would also pay for a scanned copy. Do any forum members have this book? I have the 1933 only but this 1934 looks vey interesting.

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