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    email from bender publishing

    hi guys
    looks like an oct release for the new HJ book with a price of $89
    heres the email in full:

    Handbook of the Hitler-Jugend: Bann Numbers and Gebiet Triangles
    by Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris (with Philippe Gillain and Jeff Hammond)
    The author presents the reader with an in-depth development of HJ Gebiet triangles, shoulder straps and their colors, and the ranking systems. Since the 1960s Bann lists have been available in Europe and later, lists have appeared on the Internet. This handbook is based only on official sources and contains the most complete listing of Bann numbers and their locations. At a glance, one can check a number's development and its relationship to a specific triangle. Additionally, the triangles and shoulder straps for all known special forces and formations are covered, as well as their organizational development. To supplement the massive amount of information contained in this 784 page volume, over 1000 color photographs of triangles and shoulder straps, plus documents and beautiful period portraits support the text. This book is a "Must Have" for all HJ collectors and researchers.
    - 784 Pages
    - 1034 Photos/Illustrations
    - Deluxe Binding
    - $89.95
    ISBN No. 1-932970-08-8

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      ya I posted this yestrerday in the books section but more the merrier

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      hi paul
      i know never noticed yntil aftre i posted it

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      ya well it is early morning where you are so understandable

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      THATS a big book 54 pages bigger than wittmanns

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      yes there are lots of concerns over shipping costs

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      Yes paul, witmanns book weights in at just short of 5 IB whats that in old money about 2.2 kilos quite a lump.....

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      more books to prop the bed up with

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      I also finally received my Bender Publishing brochure in the mail.
      1000 color photographs? Geez.


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      Hopefully there will be
      manufactures information in this monster.

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