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    Hitler Youth reference books and biographies

    Ive got

    HJ by Angolia vols 1 and 2

    HJ by littlejohn

    Hitler youth F J Stephens

    The Hitler youth H W Kotch

    Raging Inferno Hans Holztrager

    I know i need to get the Baker trilogy;

    Are there any other books (in english) i could obtain

    Cheers steve

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    Sometime around October, Bender publishing will be releasing a new book on the HJ by Wilhelm Sarris. This will be a must have, it's rumored to be huge, I heard nearly 800 pages.

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    I look forwrd to that:)

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    makes you wonder what the price will be

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    I dont think its going to be cheap, but i imagine the ultimate reference book and a must have ...


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    i am trying to get a copy of angolia 2 books but they are really too pricey. I got a struck of luck and found the first 2 volumes from Phili Baker, but still miss the third one!

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    Well, I think, after the release of Saris's book the prices on Angolia's books will fall down a bit. Talking about price, it surely will be at least 89.95 bucks, as the latest blockbuster from the Bender ("German Police", Volume 2). :tongue_smilie:

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    Yep, I think Transpeer is correct with that estimate on price.

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    Hi Guys

    I have read Hitler's Children by Guido Knopp and it is really easy and interesting.

    Also read Hitler Youth: Hitlejugend in war and peace 1933-1945, a free gift from Panzer. Interesting pictures and easy to read in one goal.

    And finally, the Katalog der Tagungs- und Veranstaltungsabzeichen 1930 - 1945 by Tieste. A must for Tinnies' collectors.

    And a new book only Available in this forum. Garry himself.

    Best Regards

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    Just got the Littlejohn's book. It costed me 62 euro including shipping, it wasn't cheap, but it worthed all the money from what I've seen so far...
    Just wonder how the Angolias could ever been better since I haven't seen them and this looks really a great reference guide

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