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Thread: HJ books

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    HJ books

    I was informed by a friend that Huesken is selling:
    "Die Uniformen der HJ", as well as "Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ".

    The originals, each booklet for 650, euro. Quite a lot of money, but if interested have a look an scroll at

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    A lot of money indeed. As you say, these are rare books but when you can get reprints for 20 Euros or so I think he might have a long wait.

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    The reprint I have seen I could live with, having it for looking at.
    I have great colored-copies from an original, which a friend of mine owns.
    He bought my original 30 years ago. This one I bought back then in Germany
    in the mid-seventies and did cost me about 25,- Dm. Sold it for 100,- guilders!
    The Hüsken-price seems quite high to me! Maybe he has sold them as I cannot
    find them on his site!
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