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    HJ Führerdienst No.5 Mai 1938, Gebiet 20 Württemberg in folder

    the folder is kinda worn and dirty, but nice to have the folder. if anyone have the time to partially let me know what the enclosed paper is about i`d be grateful : ) it was included with the folder.

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    Very nice Stig. The sheet of paper describes how the author was sent by his Fähnlein to view a location and see if it was a good candidate for the summer camp in the following year. He says that he got a free ferry crossing to an island and he wonders whether he might be allowed to catch a ride on a shrimp boat so the location could be one of the Fresian islands on the german coast.

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    Hallo Bittaker,

    just guessing,

    I think it is meant to be the preparation of a speech, or lecture he had prepared on paper to present to his fellow classmates. (assignment given by a teacher maybe????)

    or just plainly a proposition for next years camping,
    Who will tell.........

    It starts....although this will make little difference, but assume that I would be assigned as the person in charge of the reconnaissance and that my unit has sent me to find a good spot (large campingsite) for the following year.

    He mentions a small Island, I guess not far away from the Mainland.
    Furthermore he explains that he was fortunate to travel with a mädelgruppe, as one of the girls fell out and the travelmoney had allready been paid.
    he talks about the beach, ideal place for his unit to play and fool around, he makes the reflection if it would be possible to go on crabhunting (lots of fishingboats...)
    Apparently there are a couple of hourses available, one of wich he says would be ideal for the "Fähnleinführer" (the commander) the other one would be good enough for himself, they would be like gods to the boys, sitting on the back of the horses, but I guess he's not that good of a rider since he mentions it would maybe be better for him to ride a pony. Would he fall off, he wouldn't fall from that high.

    But again the purpose of this paper is guesswork

    hope this gives you some inside view,

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    thanx : ) i always write down on a piece of paper what i get translated.

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