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    REF new HJ book

    Just got this message from BENDER ref the new HJ book by SARIS

    Dear Paul:
    We still have not received a delivery schedule on the HJ book.
    Should have it in about two weeks. At that time we will finalize our
    brochure and send with approximate delivery date. Sorry we cannot be
    more specific at this time.

    Bender Publ.

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    Yep, I got the same message Paul. This one should be good, glad to see that Jeff Hammond is also involved.

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    Hey Daren
    Let me know when it is available .
    Also Email me at with your cellphone number , I want to send you some pics of some of my new HJ items.

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    Will do Joe, I'm excited to see what you've picked up lately.

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    Hi Guys,

    How is it called? is it already on sale?



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    Anotonio, it's called Handbook of the Hitler Jugend, Bann Numbers and Area Trigangles, but it's not out for another month or more.

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    Wim told me that it will take a bit more...but I think we're all waiting for it

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    im waiting to find out the price lol

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    Im looking forward to it , i hope it helps me understand the HJ structure better than i can get my head around at the moment

    Joecool i just missed those items on WAF nice score


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    Joe sent some pics to my phone of his new item. Top notch stuff as usual from him. Will try and upload them for Joe.

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