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    Bender just sent me a mail saying that the book should be delivered in the first 2 weeks of october

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    won't start holding my breath yet they are not advertising it on the site as of tonight

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    it all depends on the price to me. I am running out of green blood and just bought the 2 Angolia books.

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    trends with this type of book run around 80.00 US

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    if it is from europe, could easily become €80 unfortunately.
    Point is that our salaries don't increase with the same criteria

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    i know book prices are getting ridiculous, c`mon €80 for a book you can buy a standard hard back for €20 whats the differance,its just bleeding the collector dry andtaking advantage of the specialist market

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    Handbook of the Hitler-Jugend: Bann Numbers and Gebiet Triangles
    by Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris (with Philippe Gillain and Jeff Hammond)
    The author presents the reader with an in-depth development of HJ Gebiet triangles, shoulder straps and their colors, and the ranking systems. Since the 1960s Bann lists have been available in Europe and later, lists have appeared on the Internet. This handbook is based only on official sources and contains the most complete listing of Bann numbers and their locations. At a glance, one can check a number's development and its relationship to a specific triangle. Additionally, the triangles and shoulder straps for all known special forces and formations are covered, as well as their organizational development. To supplement the massive amount of information contained in this 784 page volume, over 1000 color photographs of triangles and shoulder straps, plus documents and beautiful period portraits support the text. This book is a "Must Have" for all HJ collectors and researchers.
    - 784 Pages
    - 1034 Photos/Illustrations
    - Deluxe Binding
    - $89.95
    ISBN No. 1-932970-08-8

    If you would like to order any of these new books or the magazine, please email us as we will not be adding them to the online order form for a few days until the catalog is mailed. Remember that pre-orders on the new titles will receive a 10% discount
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    Figured that the price was going to be higher actually. Oh well, email sent. If I had the extra cash I'd buy two, you know in a couple of years this one will go up like most of the others. Damn reference books are becoming collectables themselves.

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    YOU CAN'T BEGRUDGE the cost of good reference material this book from the description is a must have if you have any interest in this subject area plus an early buy gets you 10% off . I have published 3 books in the past and know the system and pricing very well and we are paying over 50% mark up over cost for sure.


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    I suppose it's all relative, a bad item can cost a lot more than a book.

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