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    well my friend I have said it before but for any new members shivering over the price here it is



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    the price looks ok, considering the research studies behind it. I am pretty sure anyway that in europe they will apply the ugly conversion 1:1 and it will be priced 89 euro

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    Hi Guys~

    I got lucky and won a free signed and numbered copy from Wim!

    Can't wait for it to get here in a few weeks hopefully:drool:


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    what did I say?
    here's at 79 pounds !

    COMING SOON :: Landmark Military Books

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    buy your copy direct from BENDER PUBLISHING it will be 89.00 US plus a 10% discount if you order now


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    The book description (which I assume Wim wrote) makes it sound as if there is some kind of black art involved in finding official Bann lists. It's actually quite easy to be honest and the only really difficult part of the process is getting the money together to pay for copies of the source documents. This is why I don't yet have a full list for 1935 for example. I know where I can find it but the cost of obtaining a copy is prohibitive. If Wim's book turns out to be as good as it is described then it represents good value for money - even at that price.

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    I am interested to see what Jeff Hammond contributed. I remember many many years ago before the net, trading with him through snail mail. His HJ collection was incredible so many rare HJ items and a flag collection that was unreal.

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    Not sure if anyone has heard yet but this will be one of Wim's last books. He has decided to step away from militaria research and focus on his health and Kimono and chopstick collection. He said that he will finish his current projects (another headgear book for Bender and a few articles for various magazines and periodicals) and be finished with it all together.


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    shame it does not say how heavy it is, to work out postage costs, postage to the uk from the us will be ridiculous

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    crazy here we have a book that is $89, current exchange rates means this book should be £53 but here in the uk its £79 which is makes $130 how does that work out why have we got to pay $40 more for the same book

    just curious but how much do our american members have to pay in postage from bender

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