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    No response from Bender yet.

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    wonder if that is a shipping inclusive price ? The book is heavy so costs out of N AMERICA will be steep

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    I think it will be the shipping costs. I wanted to buy another reference book from the US awhile ago. The shipping was going to be around US$42. I found the same book available in Australia, just over the ditch from NZ, and the cost was just slightly more in total than the one from the US including shipping.



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    Considering the price of many specialized third reich reference books today $89. seems very reasonable to me. Earlier this year I bought a copy of the new book "Combat Badges of the Third Reich volume 2" from the author Stephen Previtera at a militaria show. The price was $200 and that is the initial selling price. Mine is a limited numbered, boxed edition so possibly they did produce a slightly less expensive version also,I don't know. $200. sounds high but volume one of this book goes for double this price if you can find a copy. Most of these books are printed in very limited editions due to the author having to put up the total cost of the printing and shipping from the publisher up front. It can take years for the author to recoup this money and there is always the chance that the book won't sell well making the venture a huge loss for the author so it is best to print a limited number of copies. If the book does turn out to be well accepted by collectors the after market price will rise making the initial price look cheap. All of this may not apply to the new HJ book since it is being published by Bender but if it does turn out to be a great book as expected it should have a very good after market price and easy to resell. Mike

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    AGREE and this book has many colour pics which drives costs up big time.

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    Just pre ordered my copy from Bender. He says they are still on the boat but expect delivery by mid October. :eek:

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    JUST PRE PAID MINE and the shipping was 23.00 up to CANADA a bit better that expected and that 10% off for pre order helps

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    I can't find the book listed on Bender's web site. If it's listed there could someone post a link to the page. Too bad it won't be ready in time for the Max show. Thanks, Mike

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    THE BOOK IS NOT LISTED as such yet so you must email asking Mr Bender to pre buy or any info


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    I had no luck with email, so I called Bender directly and ordered.

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