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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    thats is the best way of breaking down the HJ system i have read explains it all so easily, you should hve done that book you know lol
    Yes thanks garry,as stu said makes it much easier

    cheers steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    :) How about this one:

    Bender press announcement

    The author presents the reader with an in-depth study of socks worn by the Hitler Youth. Since the 1960s sock lists have been available in Europe and later, lists have appeared on the Internet. This handbook is based only on official sources and contains the most complete listing of Hitler Youth socks known to man. At a glance, one can check a sock's development and its relationship to a specific shoe or boot. Additionally, the socks worn by all known special forces and formations are covered, as well as their development. To supplement the massive amount of information contained in this 784 page volume, over 1000 color photographs of socks plus documents and beautiful period portraits support the text. This book is a "Must Have" for all HJ sock collectors and researchers.

    What do you reckon?
    I think that statement is full of holes.....:D:D

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    Saw this was already listed by a seller on Ebay USA, shipping costs to Europe was 36usd, book was the same price as Bender.

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    so what is this a thesis on toe jam ?

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    Best price I've seen is this guy on WAF. I'm not familiar with the seller but his price is cheapest I've seen.

    NEW from Bender - Handbook of the Hitler-Jugend - Militaria Forums

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    as I said before from experience there is a huge mark up on books around 50 -60% so there is lots of wiggle room


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    postage again kills it for us in the uk

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    same problem here. If I ordered it from US I should expect also about 30% more on Customs and Import fees. I'll wait...

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    At todays exchange rate the deal on WAF is good $78 plus $35 postage works out at £70-00 provided customs dont get their grubby fingers on it , if they do add another £23-00


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    My copy arrived today, #10 in the first edition. It's a monster but just glancing at it tons of great photos.

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