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    mine came with the signature and book 12 , what did you get something more personal ?PAUL

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    Wim sent me a personal message on a sticker to affix to the book Paul. He offered to send me a personal dedication after some email exchanges on World War Militaria.
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    VERY NICE GESTURE pays to be nice eh. Now you have the super book

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    Overall I am pretty happy with the book so far. I must admit bias however as straps are my favorite HJ items to collect. Others with interests elsewhere may not be so satisified with the content.

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    agreed a very focused book on our main areas, but was hoping for more out of it, many will or are be very disappointed me thinks. Have gleaned some good info out of it so far.Did you see the article on the two triangles which have never been seen and he did an inturpretation of what he thinks they would have looked like ? He warns that they may be seen quickly on the repro market.
    Do you think he would give permission to post pics of these two triangles DARIN ?

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    I see you've asked Wim's permission to post images for discussion. Hope he agrees.

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    WILL PM you about it

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    Number 22

    Received mine yesterday. I'm impressed.

    Besides the overwhelming information on straps and triangles there's a lot of info on uniforms and the specialist organisations, scools etc.

    Lots of great uniform photos and documents.

    The book is a very important addition to my HJ library.


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    wow i just got my copy of the new book is it possible to say wow 784 times oh wow what a book oh those straps darin oh wow and those triangles paul bloody hell look at the flag section ive died and gone to heaven :laugh:

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    yes a very informative book for sure , unfortunately for what is supposed to be a reference book IMO is full of speculations some author drawings of what might exist and leaves much to be debated all of which take away from the factual still a good book .

    PS the author has suggest I write my own book

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