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    scan0006.jpg I need just 5 more of these booklets now to have the whole set of 156

    i do have some spare copys if anybody is interested at only £3 a copy

    and my missing numbers are


    so please guys keeps your eyes open on the look out thanks steve

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    great little books they are! i have 4 of them now, but none of them match the wanted once, m8.

    however I didn't know there where 156 of them, my listing goes till 110, but thats no wonder as I only have the following once:

    heft 087 : Zerstörer im Handelskrieg
    heft 105 : Husarenstreiche deutcher Stukas
    heft 108 : Wir jagen die sowjets
    heft 109 :Wir vom Spähtrupp Hase

    love them all and hope to find some more in the near futur!

    witch are your spare n°?
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