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    Werwolf! interesting reference books

    I've been always intrigued byy this subject.

    i'd suggest you a couple of titles to read :

    Perry Biddiscombe Werwolf!
    Perry Biddiscombe The Last Nazis - SS werewolf guerrilla resistance in Europe 1944-1947
    SS Werwolf - Combat Instruction Manual

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    One ive got in paperback is WEREWOLF by Charles Whiting its a good read ,


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    i can confirm about Perry Biddiscombe The Last Nazis, it`s an excellent book.
    Also, The SS Werwolf - Combat Instruction Manual, is available as a free download in several formats (the best is probably pdf).
    i`ve had it for a while, it`s got the original German page and opposite that is an English translation.
    It`s legal to download from an online library here:

    SS Werwolf combat instruction manual (Open Library)

    Someone please let me know if above the link works :confused:
    If it does`nt then pm me and i`ll send it to you direct.

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    Hi, i checked the above link and downloaded the whole book.
    It`s broken,i got some rubbish about olde English law.
    I`ll look where i got my copy from,make sure it works then post it again.

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    Sorry, i can`t find any working links except for on the torrent sites and we all know that they`re illegal

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