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    Who out there has this book?

    Who out there has an original edition of "Die Uniformen der HJ"?
    I am curious as to how many of this publication are out there in collector hands.

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    I only own a copy unfortunately

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    I saw one for sale today at a dealer for 700 Euro.

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    Thats a $1,000.00 for a book!!!! come on,is it that rare.

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    A friend of mine owns anyway one of the both editions, but he has many of such old booklets
    with color-plates as this already was his speciality when I learnd to known him in the mid-seventies.
    When I speak to him I will ask him if he also has the second edition!

    I do not know much HJ collectors that do have the Uniformen der HJ.

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    I have one of the modern copies also. Now that I've seen the price of an original I'm thinking that they have more pages? Is there stuff missing from the modern copies that's in theoriginal?

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