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    the DJ strap get a B because of the detail in the embroidery of the number
    and the HJ gets a C for three things the hand work required for the piping numbers and rank application so the designations make sense here


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    Here's a simple DJ rank with a price tag on it and an "A" designated
    tag. Why put two price tags on an item if the
    tag itself represents the price of the item? The debate in this thread is good and raises many questions that may never be fully answered.
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    this makes sense the A quality for the DJ patch simply indicates the value level simple machine weave which is indicated by the vendors price tag which only went on once it went into his stock


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    Darin, I put out the question on GDC where two authors on the
    hang out. Keep an eye out on it with me and see what comes out there from the real experts

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    Will do Paul. The more information we can gather the better.

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    SEE Robert is calling it a tax stamp but it still boils down to quality levels as he states and this is what I have followed for years

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    I see that Paul. Where my confusion lies is was this tax stamp what Saris refers to as the "cost of the tag" paid to the
    to use the tag? Passed on to the customer through the retailer? It sort of goes along with what he has said but sort of doesn't in regard to this letter on the tag. Hope to see some other opinions on this as well.

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    there where several tag manufacturers and they had a seperate m code with the rzm. In my opinion he has input his personal opinion into this and is once again misleading and causing confusion. The tag makers certainly paid a tax to the
    but in the end has nothing to do with the info on the particular tag


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Here's more information on the coloration of the tags from the Saris book.

    "The colors for
    tags as of August 4, 1934 were as follows:

    Blue tag for HJ arm insignia, the stiff form of (Steifleinunterlage);HJ arm insignia "embriodered" (garnbestickt).
    black for HJ shoulder straps (in general).
    I don't have Wilms book, so i don't know if you have quoted all of the info about the colors of the Tags from the 4th August Edition of the
    paper? in any case, i have scanned a picture from that edition, which has more information on the colors.
    If the pic comes out too small, or if nobody can read/Translate it fully, i will do that for you. Starting with blue, black violet, yellow, brown, wine-red, rosa(pink) green, orange
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    I missed this one. Thanks Jo for the information on the tag colors. Wim's book only deals with the A4 manufacturers for HJ insignia related to shoulder straps and triangles so he does not go into detail regarding the other colors. Thanks for posting the scan.

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