BDM Obergauführerin Schwaben

Aug 13, 2017
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Good evening,

I am looking for the names of the BDM Obergauführerin Schwaben.

I know that Hilde(gard) Aßhauer had this position from 4/1939 to 11/1942 (she gave birth to a daughter in 3/1943 without being married).

Does anyone know who had this position in Obergau Schwaben after Aßhauer "resigned"?

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I have a project listing all male and female leaders of the various Gebiete and Obergaue from 1933-45 here but I'm also stuck on the same leader. Yes, Aßhauer assumed command of Obergau 36 Schwaben on 15.4.1939 and held the position until being honourably discharged from the BDM in Nov 1942. However, I cannot see her replacement in any lists, orders or on the web.

Confusingly, Buddrus has Martha Middendorf (later Stöckl) as also having been in command of Obergau Schwaben (and Hochland) from 1939 until Feb 1942 but proof that Aßhauer took up the position is shown in Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt RJF VII/7 dated 21.4.1939 so perhaps Middendorf is a typo on Buddrus' part. If I come up with anything for BDM Schwaben post-Aßhauer I'll post it here. If you beat me to it I would be grateful if you could post what you find. Cheers.
Old thread but just in case you haven't yet found Aßhauer's replacement Karin it was Liesel Hunzinger. In 1938/9 she was the Untergauführerin of Bann 403 before taking command of 402 until her appointment as Obergauführerin in 1942.