DJ, HJ or fake put together flag?

Dec 6, 2009
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Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can supply any information about this item I have seen for sale on a website. I have searched online but cannot find any information regarding it so wonder if it is a put together. I had seen another item like this but without the P symbol in the corner and it was said by seller to be a DJ flag but again, I could find no references to one like it and no one could supply any info about it. Is it a fake, put together or what? The size is 24" X 24" so about the size of a trumpet banner perhaps ? Thanks for any help or info

I’d also like to thank the owners of this forum for opening it up to folks like me again who don’t specifically have much knowledge & not always much info about the HJ but glad to learn

Thanks again


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I had previously put a thread about the other flag I mentioned on WAF and in that thread pictures of a flag, not trumpet banner just like this was shown but with ties instead of clips. OFW had questioned about the black, white & red colors & another member mentioned that the P might stand for a protestant HJ church group but no conclusion regarding originality was given. Just wanted to add some info to my initial start of the thread. Thanks again for any help or info.
Hi Bill,

As you will know, this item is wildly different to the standard item but I ask myself what purpose would it have had? It can't be a flag/pennant because the orientation would be incorrect when attached to a pole. It can't be a fanfare banner because of the clips (standard HJ/DJ banners of this type were attached using knots). The use of black instead of red on the base cloth is inexplicable and the addition of a superimposed DJ rune and the huge P rune ("joy") give me the impression that it is some kind of "mashup" that is trying very hard to catch one's eye - much like garish packaging on a supermarket shelf. The only thing that it could be is a purely decorative item but still, why not red instead of black?

Personally I would leave this one on the shelf as it poses way too many questions that would normally be easy to answer.
Garry, thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I had never seen anything like this for sale & it is indeed eye catching but I couldn’t find or get any definite information regarding it. I would have thought being such a striking design that if real there would be at least some picture or information on one of the forums or on the internet somewhere, which I could not find. When I did post it on the other forum, as you also pointed out here, the use of black instead of red & the DJ rune were one of the major points mentioned about the originality of it being dubious. If it was available at a price that was worth taking a chance on I could see buying it but like most everybody I don’t like to spend good money on items only to find out it has been wasted. Again, I thank you for your reply and comments. I have long ago realized not to make on the minute buys & it's appreciated that people like myself can get informed comments & info about items from members on a forum like this.

Much appreciation