Hitler Youth Bann Lists - Read this first


Jun 5, 2009
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Note: All lists are all taken directly from period Third Reich publications.
The publications I used are quoted as sources at the top of each list.


The Bann lists here serve three main purposes:
  1. To help you establish the geographical location for any Hitler Youth item which has visible unit numbers (flags, pennants, event badges, literature etc etc).
  2. To establish which triangle goes with which shoulder strap number on HJ and DJ uniforms in order to help you in spotting put-together/fake uniforms (these often have impossible insignia combinations).
  3. To show you the relationship between Obergebiet, Gebiet and Bann (and equivalent).

The lists contain the following information:

Bann number, Bann name, Obergebiet/Gebiet i.e. Sud Hochland. In this case "Sud Hochland" is the correct sleeve triangle for this Bann number.

...and are sorted either by Bann number or by Gebiet.

The lists begin in 1933 and end with the "changes after 1942" list which contains occasions of new, dissolved and amalgamated Banne that happened after the 1.1.1942 list and into 1944. The lists are a reflection of how the organisation of the Hitler Youth changed over the years. Bann numbers changed and locations changed so you will need to use all of the lists and not just one of them in isolation.

1. There was a short crossover period for the change between beige and black straps in 1938 but you can't go wrong if you treat the lists as if everything changed overnight on the 1st of January 1938.

2. I have listed the Bann numbers only but obviously the lists will work for a DJ strap too. Due to the huge influx of members into the DJ after Jan 1933 organisational problems were experienced and new Jungbanne were required. For this reason you may encounter DJ straps with numbers like 2/100 and 3/144. This is however largely irrelevant in the context of my lists but I can give you an exact location for these Jungbanne too by PM.

How to use the lists to match triangle to shoulder straps:

Scenario 1: 'which triangle goes with these straps?!'

Say you have a set of post-1938 shoulder straps with the Bann number 55. For the black straps there is no need to check any lists prior to 1938 because these straps were not in use then so go to the 1938 list and scroll until you see 55 in the left column. The matching triangle for Bann 55 is shown as West/Westfalen. Now check all lists after 1938 and see whether the triangle changed for this Bann. If it did not then there is only one possible strap/triangle combination. If the triangle did change then you have another possible combination. Both would be correct for the black Bann 55 straps.

(For the beige pre-1938 straps perform the same procedure but use the lists for 1933, 1934, 1936 and 1937).

Scenario 2: 'which strap numbers would work with this triangle?!'

You have a triangle and you'd like to know which Bann numbers go with it? In this case use the 'sorted by Gebiet' threads.

If your strap number does not appear on a certain list it means that the Bann/Jungbann number was not in use in that year and may have been assigned later. Look through all lists until you find your number. A good example is Bann 496. Despite being a relatively low number it was not assigned until 1941.

How to use the lists to decipher unit numbers on flags and pennants etc:

"I have a BDM pennant with the numbers 3/455. What do those numbers mean?"

The numbers denote:

Mädelgruppe 3 / BDM-Untergau 455

The lists will give you the geographical location for BDM-Untergau 455 (we have a further list on THIS page which contains units below the Bann (and equivalent) level. It is updated often and you may find your exact unit (Mädelgruppe 3) listed there.

Now that you know what the numbers mean, you now need to head to the Bann lists where you will locate 455. So, go to the Bann lists shown as 'sorted by Bann number' and look for Bann 455 (this is the HJ unit but the number applies to all Hitler Youth formations at that location so: Jungbann 455 for the Deutsches Jungvolk, BDM-Untergau 455 for the BDM etc). You will see that 455 first appears in the 1939 list as "455 Wertach Süd/Schwaben". This tells you that your BDM pennant was carried by a unit within BDM-Untergau 455 (this covered the administrative district of Wertach) which was a part of Gebiet Schwaben which in turn was part of Obergebiet Süd. It also tells you which sleeve triangle the members of this Bann wore (Süd Schwaben). If you are unfamiliar with the structure of the Hitler Youth please don't hesitate to ask questions by posting a thread HERE.


1. There was a short crossover period for the change between beige and black straps in 1938 and going into 1939 but you can't go wrong if you treat the lists as if everything changed overnight on the 1st of January 1938.

2. The Gebiete changed and Bann numbers were gradually assigned and often reassigned so you need to bear this in mind if you want to get the strap number/triangle combination correct. For this reason the lists are shown by year.