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Feb 2, 2016
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Why is Numberg's Bann number a J and not a number. I have an Ausweis of a girl from Numberg
and its taken me an hour to track her down. I want to get her triangle which is Sud/Framken.



On April 1, 1936 a special designation was Introduced for the Jungsturm of Nurnberg which was in the tradition of the Jungsturm Adolf Hitler, a "J". An acknowledgement of the Jungsturm. This is why the Bann is designated Bann "J", instead of numbered.

Source Handbook of the Hitlerjugend By W. Saris page 458 and 459.

I see that you are a Gold Member of the Forum which allows you access to the Bann number/triangle lists. You can find bann J on this list:

The book is worth the cost for the photos alone, over 1000. Great factual information that comes from period documents and regulations all with footnotes for the source.
Hi Joe

Just like Gefolgschaft writes, you MUST have that book.

To make it easier for you to find the book, se the 2 pics of the front and of the ISBN no.

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Good hunting for that book :good:

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Bender Publishing at San Jose (USA) will help you to get the book. Look at their website.
However mailing it from the USA is quite expensive!
As far as I know Weitze at Hamburg does not have any available.
vdmedien24 (nickel) at Zweibrücken does have it, but is rather expensive (149,- euro).
Maybe you can get it even cheaper at Bender Publishing, including their shipping costs.

My MHJ cap.

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Thanks. It was one of the earlier caps I purchased when I started collecting MHJ caps. Still in contact with the Australian collector who sold it to me all those years ago. It pops up on the internet for sale from time to time, this exact cap, I have no idea why. It is in my collection and not listed for sale.