NEW BOOK RELEASE: Volume 6 of “Headgear of Hitler’s Germany”, limited edition

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Jun 7, 2009
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Helmond, Netherlands. My hometown is located near
not just for the HJ guys, but in general for those interested in my books.
This is the announcement I made at some forums:

Dear collector-friends,

A while ago I mentioned I was planning to continue the headgear-series after everything stopped, when my friend Roger Bender died in January 2020. At that time there was no back-up plan, nor were other publishers willing to take over with reasonable conditions. I noted this before at the one or the other forum! Now I can proudly announce volume 6 will be available in a while (about August/early September). The cover is shown for those interested! The book with English tekst, has 360 pages with over 500 photos and images (many in color) and is in a bigger size as was the Bender size: now A4. It’s weight is slightly less than 2 kg. Every book will be numbered and signed.

The price for the book is 85,- Euro, due to the limited edition and high costs of printing. Shipping in the Netherlands by registered mail is 10,- Euro extra; for those in Europe this is 15,- Euro for insured shipping with Track & Trace; for those of countries elsewhere (USA etc.) the insured shipping with Track & Trace costs 30,-. So, for them the total costs are 115,- Euro.

Important: The book will not be available through bookstores or militaria-dealers (and has no ISBN), but will be noted at some forums and probably Ebay. It will be a limited edition, just for the connoisseurs. This self-edited book, printed in a very limited edition, will be a pure collector’s item! Spread the word….., don’t miss it!

Please send me a PM through the forum and I will mail conditions, how about to purchase the book. You can also email me at:

If you already contacted me for the waiting-list, there is no need to take further action. I will contact you!

Thanks and best regards from the Netherlands,

Wilhelm (Wim) Saris

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