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Thread: advice needed

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    advice needed

    hi guys

    have been going through a bit of a stale time with my collecting recently and have found myself wanting to collect uniforms less and less and concentrate more on badges and cloth awards , you may have noticed over the past few months i have sold HJvest, bdm vest, raincoats, pairs of shorts etc etc ...

    anyway have kept other items but am now seriously thinking of letting them go havent really decided yet if all will go or 1 or 2 of them so was wondering if anyone could give me some advice with regards to value as i never keep a record of what i pay , have checked some sites but the prices to me seem stupid
    will start with these any help will be much appreciated,

    p.s if i do decide to sell will take better pics showing any tags etc

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    I like SO much the winterbluse, I would like to have it in my collection

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    Stu, you've probably already seen the these but here's a couple from Wietze and Winkler and what they are asking. You know these guys ask higher prices than private sales for the most part. You may even be able to trade up for badges from somebody or a dealer if they have something you like.

    Wietze is asking 675 Euro for this one.

    Winkler is asking 595 Euro for the Niedersachsen summer shirt, and he's asking 750 Euro for the Niedersachsen Winterbluse.
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    In my opinion ....

    You can try this method .

    A good condition shirt without the insignia with all buttons RzM marked . $ 85 to $ 175 . ( Average cost ... $ 130)

    A good condition winterblouse without the insignia with all buttons Rzm marked . $ 225 to $ 375 . ( Average cost ... $300)

    Now add the cost of the insignia , this should give you an average way of pricing the uniforms .

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    thanks for the help guys will do a bit more looking before i find a price dont want to ask too much some of the prices on the militaria sites are stupid, but i still want to try and get a decnt price for them

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