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    JM, BDM Landjahr


    I proudly present my mother. Now 87 and in good condition. Passport picture as a Jungmädel, later working in Gollub/Westpreussen in the Landjahr. Third from left with extra wool stockings. Sadly it seems, there is only her Teufelskappe left.


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    ...........and some more items from her past. A few
    , BDM buttons/
    marked. Arbeitsbuch: Das Landmädel. Hermann Schroedel Verlag, 1943.
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    Many thanks for posting these Northwind. Your mother was a pretty lady. Does she talk about that period of her life much?

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    very nice thanks for showing! good to hear your mothers still in good health!

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    Many thanks. It feels good to read.

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