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    That looks to be a good 1930s raincoat , problibly for civilian use ... however; Im sure regulations were relaxed for the HJ when it was raining .

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    hello maurice-NL
    is it this one more for the
    ? TN but without the "Zahnkranz".

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    hello bertl59,
    i bought the raincoat togheter with the flute and fanfare, it was al from the same person
    the person used the raincoat when he was in the HJ, so i was told

    i dont understand what you wrote about
    , what is teno ?


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    Yes, as Bertl says, that stamp shows the "N" and hammer which are part of the
    (Technische Nothilfe) emblem:


    "TN VII" would appear to stand for: "
    Landesgruppe VII" but I can't seem to find a list anywhere showing which area that Landesgruppe covered.

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    thank you for the info Bertl and Garry
    i didnt know this about

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    With the date April 20, 1936 the Bezirksgruppe VII, which was Mark Brandenburg
    was renamed as Landesgruppe VII, being Kurmark (Akte 1/2a Tgb.Nr. 1/199).
    Information like this is to be found in the "Verordnungsblatt der Technischen

    Cities in this district were for example Königsberg, Brandenburg, Prenzlau, which all
    had a roman number (I do not have complete lists, sorry).

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    Thanks Wim

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    Maybe one day I can make a (complete) list, but at the moment I do not have the time,
    nor do I have available all the needed information! I never could afford to buy me the
    complete Verordnungsblatt issues.

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