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    Youth looking boots?

    Hello folks, whats the thoughts on these being ww2 period? lace and boot have never been apart!

    both boots look to have been held in a vice and something ripped from the heels aswell as the heals renewed (maybe something that showed them as postwar? ) and then not worn much afterwards ! sole shows considerable wear to them,

    these came from Germany and a house clearance

    the little stompers look better in hand and are quite small too 25cm in length !

    they were cheap cheap, and look a treat on my teenage mannequin that is for sure!!

    also added is a BDM shoe muster i missed out on, and it sold for around 14 euros,

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    it would seem the VEB on the ''new heel'' would confirm they have been re cobbled during the DDR period in east Germany, when they were made i may never know , i am now thinking civilian? they suit my winter uniform better than bare feet folks!

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    Cant be going down the pub bare foot this time of year now
    I am neither a shoemaker nor have i a footy-fetish so cant help.

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    wheeshed you! somebody might have seen them, recognise the period/style ye just never know laddie !

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