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    Couple of HJ Postcards

    Here are a couple of neat cards. Prinz Welf-Heinrich von Hannover and HJ-Heim

    I'd love to see other cards from Forum members. I know there are some great postcards out there!

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    Reichsparteitag Nürnberg
    Und ihr habt doch gesiegt
    Adolf Hitler Marsch der HJ Nürnberg 1936

    Lovely cards doug , here are a couple of mine no 1and2 are written on 3 is blank ...

    cheers steve
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    I've never seen any of those, Zander. Great!

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    Steve, I've seen the first one bring some good money when it came up. It's a keeper.

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    A couple more photo postcards....
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    Bravo on those last two Doug! They are keepers!

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    Cheers Darin
    Its one of the first i brought a while back, Doug another couple of stunning cards lovely


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    I know there are more great postcards out there! Would love to see some others....

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