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    Die HJ, Kampfblatt der Hitler-Jugend and a copy of Sturmtrupp, Gebiet 17 Thüringen

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    Fantastic. I only have a few but I can't get enough of items like this. Full of really useful information and of course great items in themselves.

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    Interesting and rare documents!
    Thank you for sharing.

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    i bought an german/norwegian translator book to learn more about what these mags had for an meaning/purpose.
    and since i don`t have knowlegde about the german language it will take some time to look up all the words : )
    besides i am currently reading mr.Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris`s amazing "handbook of the hitler-jugend" which is heavy and thick as a brick!!!!
    which i got tips from this forum that is a very useful book to have.
    though, i never seem to finish it.
    i start all over again and again

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    Are there some specific sections/pages from the newspapers that you would like to have translated?

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