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    SA STORMTROOPER (Oberrhein) Overcoat with Kepi .

    I recently aquired a really nice
    Overcoat and Kepi .
    I could not find a Forum that specializes in the
    so it goes here for all of you to enjoy .
    I dont know much about the
    , a collector I know needed money .
    I liked the Coat and the Kepi as the colors just scream 1933 to 1935 Germany , so I offered him $1.500 "all in" and he excepted .
    Can anyone tell me what area and city this set came from .

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    Woah, nice looking items Joe. Wim or Lauri will know what region this is from I think. If I did not collect HJ insignia,
    would be my choice. The dual colored piping on the uniforms always looks sharp.

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    Thanks Daren
    I dont collect S/A either ... at least until now LOl .
    The color combination was just to seducing for me and I had to give in , as the price was right .

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    Hey Joecool,

    Number 222 is from Hessen, with the headquarters at Friedberg. According to July 7, 1933
    orders from the Oberste
    -Führung their district color was navy-blue with a red-light-blue
    piping and a silver button. This is correct. I do not know out of heart of the piping color
    did change, but I thought it was since 1939.
    Yes indeed. With orders from June 1939 new shoulder-boards came into being and the piping-color
    for the collar-patch was from then on brown/aluminum.

    The top color for the cap seems a different color blue to me, merely cornflower-blue. This
    color came into being during the war and was worn in the Oberrhein-district. The eagle anyway
    is the pattern from June 1937. In mid-war Friedberg still was located at the Hessen-district.

    Maybe I am wrong with the color I see and it is indeed a match, but normally navy-blue is
    a darker blue.
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    The color cornflower-blue came into being since March 1941 for the new
    of Oberrhein (mentioned in the Verordnungsblatt from May 20, 1941, number 14, page 6).
    As said I can misjudge the color as when photographed with flash or with other
    circumstances the color can look lighter as it is in reality!

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    wow lovely set Joe!! i like
    items also! that is a very nice set! at a good price! double score!

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    Just impressive, you did a good catch and so beauty. Everyone would wish that on his collection!

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    Great posts Wim. I can never tell the various shades of
    used greens and blues apart, and agree flash and photos can make the colors look differently than when items are viewed in person.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments ... High five to Wim .

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    this really is lovely Joe! have looked at it a few times now haha

    you won a watch as they say!

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