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    HJ Bannführer Shoulder Board, New Arrival, Interesting Piping

    This one just arrived to my collection. A single Bannführer. It has white piping with the silver twist cord sewn around the outside of the white piping. Any ideas on the significance of the white piping? I know the dual colored green and silver were used for Geldverwalter so I am curious if the wearer of this strap had a similar administrative function. Any thoughts from the members?

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    I like this one Daren , from the embroidery , I would think that this may be from around 1936 to 1940.

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    I haven't seen these before but my first thought is Streifendienst Darin. I can see from the 1941 regulations that the rank range for
    Gebietsinspekteur was Obergefolgschaftsführer to Bannführer so there is some support for them perhaps being
    there. Anyone else any ideas?

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    Thanks Garry. Would a Bannführer hold this rank in the Streifendienst without command responsibilities? I ask because the strap does not have a Bann number on it.

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    Hi Darin,

    Yes, good point. If this guy is on the Gebiet staff as the
    Gebietsinspekteur then we would probably expect to see that reflected on the boards. I'll keep digging :)

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