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    HJ Oberbannführer Shoulder boards with gold piping and round buttonhole.

    These are my new Shoulder Boards. The embroidery is made entirely of plastic thread.
    Best Regards

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    Really wonderful set! I have the twin brothers of this set in my collection, also in Celleon thread. The button grommets are identical as well. Very rare and impossible to find. You are fortunate indeed.

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    Amazing. I can only hope to find a pair of these someday. I have noticed that some really nice items have come up on the market lately.

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    I took better pictures. A comparison with the other pair of my collection.
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    Unfortunately, I found out that it is a fake for the OberbannführerShoulder Boards.
    The Cellon is not right. A comparison of an original Cellon thread. The embroidery is worked better.
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    yes, there is a difference in quality for sure. Why was plastic thread used for these straps? Because they were for use on the higher leader rain coat? One set has holes for the screw buttons and they were used on the raincoat

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    I would not yet pass on these as being fakes . They could be lower quaility grade originals made by a different maker .

    The Photos posted are of a Gebietsführer strap that Weitze had on his site a few years ago . Personally , I have doubts , the verdict on it being original is still in question.

    Just because some insiginas are made with professional skill does not make them originals . Just food for thought .
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    there is a huge difference between item made of gold threads or wire and the later celleron materials. One great site to do comparisons is this one that has many items made of each material. Uniforms of the NSDAP .

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    Would any knowledgeable members like to debate the Gold Celleon Oberbannführer straps . I am not convienced that they are bad yet , however ; I do think they need to be discussed in detail .

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    I am for sure not a "knowledgeable member" on HJ shoulder straps.
    But never the less i would like to see these items discussed.
    There must be some more evidence what was worn in those days.
    The one with three leaves and the two acorns side by side?
    Or the other one with two leaves and one acorn on top and one at the lower end?
    Or are there even photos of both variants in wear?

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