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    we can always hope there are some immediate sells here me thinks:canada:

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    Some of these are now up for sale at Erel militaria. Looks like they are being released slowly to not flood the market like the Bann 565 and 663 straps.

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    SEEN I know this dealer and just bought the set he has on nice mint with stamps :canada:

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    JUST talked to CHRISTIAN and he says that there is no more to be had at this time :canada:
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    then he gets back to me asking how much I want so stand by he will get more I am sure :canada:

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    He has a really nice flakhelper blouses all complete with pants and cap ...but expencive .

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    Interesting. I think the price should be cheap on these, looks like a ton of them are going to hit the market from the haul. With that many around should be around the price of the Bann 663 straps.

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    I think that pr I bought may have been a market feeler :canada:

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    So Paul
    Does that make it 75 straps now ?


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    no still in the 60s


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