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    Garry, I think the price-list is from about March 1933, as price-list A (for the SA)
    it from that date. As for the HJ the price-list is as B it is possible it is from the
    same date.
    The indications Gau, Bezirk, Gefolgschaft and Schar are anyway in force since about
    March 1932 and as such stated in the "Dienstbuch der NSDAP, Österreich". Page 116 starts
    with Die Jugendorganisationen. Page 118 mentions: Gau, Bezirk, Gefolgschaft and Schar.

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    Hi Wim,

    Ah, so it's from 1933? Just going on the ranks shown (and those that aren't) it made sense that this catalogue must be from shortly after the April 1932 reorganisation. Logic didn't work that time :) Just an out of date catalogue then. Good one though!

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    Hello Garry,
    ther is no date on the list.
    Best Regards

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    No probs Alois. Many thanks for showing it

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