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    The L used with Luftwaffe was different, but the army used an L look-a-like as for Munich. however does not quite match the L for the HJ for Munich. The "open" loop at the
    bottom is not present with the army; the "ball" at the top is neither present when for the army.
    The basic material for the army shoulder-strap was a blueish-darkergreen, which often looks
    quite dark.

    The L for the army in lighter-blue with a lighter-blue piping means = Farhr-Nachschublehrschwadron
    and also for Kraffahr-Nachschublehrkompanie(see "Uniformen der Deutschen Wehrmacht", 1939/1940 by
    Eberhard Hettler, page 24 and color-plates as "Uniformen des Deutschen Heeres").
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    There is an identical pair on Weitze site.
    Flieger-HJ Paar Schulterklappen für einen Hitlerjungen "L" Leibstandarte München.
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    Without neither doubt possible now.
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    Hello from Austria! I found a pair and a single, never seen before badge... Comes directly from private household.
    xIMG_20161221_0001.jpg xIMG_20161221_0002.jpg xIMG_20161221_0003.jpg

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