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    Looking good , Darin .

    Keep it up Kamerad .

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    Hi Darin

    I could be wrong , but I thought Gebiet 6 was Ost / Berlin.

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    The map I have from the Baker book shows 6 as Nordmark, Berlin is 3 on the map.

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    I like the early Landjahr one and the post 38 one.
    they both are so nice. You get a very good ones this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    ...6 as Nordmark, Berlin is 3...
    That's correct Darin. I should have done it when I first uploaded my lists but adding the Gebiet numbers would be useful I think. I'll get onto that now.

    Nice straps by the way

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    you got there ahead of me dam again well done darin nice straps i grabbed the RFS so just AHS to get as example now

    cheers steve

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    Good on the RFS Steve, they don't show up too often hard to find. Cheers on the Gebiets added to the lists as well Garry. Awesome.

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