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    are these HJ shoulderstraps?

    HJepps3[1].jpg i will post the fronts when i get them this week i hope fingers crossed with dam post here

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    sorry darin this is being cruel but you will love them and they will be ones for your data base told you i paid your lady more

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    Steve, these are HJ leader straps meant to have metal numbers or cyphers affixed to them. Or they are Leader or Gebietstab straps. Maybe even
    . Later wartime straps. Probably unissued as no numbers are affixed. The first one shown was manufactured by August Beiersmann and the second one was made by Lucas and Vorsteher of Wuppertal-Oberbarmen. Both held
    permits without interuption for the entire period from 1934 onward. Wait till you see what the little old lady is bringing me this week! Stuff has been raining down on me for the last three days, scrambling to get cash together. I've dropped over a thousand Euro in two days, and need about 1200 more soon!
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    hi darin
    sounds like our lady has been doing some moon lighting then but cant wait to see what you have pulled in and you did not read what i put i said they were the backs of the straps all i will tell you is they are leader and have come from the ex collection of col dodkins as soon as i get them in i will post

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    maybe we ought to put our boards together in 1 posting that would look good what do you think

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    Yes, put them all together in one thread! Fantastic idea Steve!

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    ok i will dig my pics out and let u know cheers darin

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