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    Rare Deutsches Jungvolk musician sleeve insignia

    Enclosed an image from the new auction at Hermann Historica
    in May. It may interest HJ collectors as here the very rare music:
    patch is showm, which Littlejohn has a drawing from on page 288.
    After over thirty years I see again my old DJ brownshirt. The patch
    is not mentioned in any regulation, but it is a 100% original. All
    was sold to a Dutch collector, who passed away a while ago....


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    This was as how two went to the collector in the late 1970's with my old mannequins
    and how he had displayed them.....

    Leo foto's - 11.jpg


    And this is how one of them was displayed in my collecting room in 1979
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    I saw this last week. Great looking insignia Wim! You are fortunate to have had this at one time in your collection. I wish the fees were not so high at the auction house that is selling the uniform grouping. An instant collection for the buyer with the means.

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    It is curious to see the uniforms in the old collection and now for sale, that doesn't happens so often.

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    I was noted about this by a friend, who also knew I had this in my collection.
    He was the one that did send me of how my old stuff was shown at the house
    of the Dutch collector. This was about half of my HJ-uniforms. The Dutch collector
    also bought other uniforms, as
    and army.
    As it was not offered to other collectors after the guy died, it was our opinion it
    would be sold through an auction house and indeed after a year or so, now it is

    Gefolgschaft: I heard all what is shown is offered in one lot. So when bought 23%
    comes extra!

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    What a great little patch! Great provenance too which is nice. Thanks for showing it

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