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    Sleeve diamond for HJ members taken on by the NSKK

    "Kraftfahrraute für die von der HJ übernommen

    hello, could i have opinions on this patch?

    i like it but am not 100% sure?


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    this differs from the fakes around? older fake? and looks to have thread damage around the circle making it look out of shape? better front shot?
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    some other things to ponder are the patch above has good similarities to the very nice original 1st patt insignia shown here at the forum by Kevin below, same puffy used appearance and also sown closed similar to the rear?

    and below an agreed fake that also glows and a pic (posted by Wim Saris) from Angolias HJ which imo resembles the patch i posted? not that being in Angolias book means its an original piece i think we will agree?

    black light is the next move

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-collector View Post
    .... not that being in Angolias book means its an original piece i think we will agree?

    black light is the next move

    Indeed, as you can see from post 31 of this thread, Angola in-print, fake insignia, or so they say.
    I suggest the "Witches & Wizards Test" Strap ye cloth to a weighted chair. Sink chair in the Thames, if chair and insignia float, it`s a fake - discard. If chair and insignia sink, it is original.

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    after seeing Jo's post about the magnified medal ribbon, i used a 100x mag and there is alot of similaritys with a bevo ss arm eagle and an original first pattern raute and this 2nd one! have ordered a usb scope from amazon to show what i mean ;)

    in hand there is no maybe's about it, the wears good the oxidization of the silver wire where its being bent on the uniform all tell the story!

    i thought what the heck i will blacklight them as i was going to meet a few friends at my fathers pub the night before last anyway (which has the blacklight)

    here is the results below, now the focus isnt great so dont shoot me but i think it shows what we need to see, i forgot a modern made patch, so used my sock instead :P

    all in all i am VERY happy to hold this insignia in my collection as an original! rare to find imo!

    anybody else see/own an original?

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    forgot to add the red diamond parts are exactly the threads and weave of an original bdm arm diamond, although the threads that make up the white diamond parts on the insignia above are different from the bdm arm runes white parts :)

    will show all this when i have my new usb scope in ;)

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    I can see it now, you`v set up shop in the back of the pub, and offer evaluations for ales... L♥ve it!
    After a few, i`d be convinced too, once you showed me the distinct differences between my badges and your .. sock..? ha ha ha
    But i see that the "pub" may not be the best place to do this kind of work.. 100x magnification is going in the direction of micro-biology, looking at cells in detail etc.. :-) I am sure you mean 10x?

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    hehehe, Jo the hand magnifier gos from 60/100x OBVIOUSLY i wasnt meanin i was looking at the patch 100X what would you see then? nout! lol somehow i think you really knew this matey ;) and i will be back with my usb scope results (when it comes up my humph nothing to prove and happy with the old junk patch) and what i seen with my own naked eye ;) please believe me mate i was well and truely happy with patch after seeing it through the scope and checking the ware etc anyway the no glow put some icing on the cake, call my bluff call me daft..

    i honestly dont care and i am happy as larry to have this patch a RARE as rocking horse s### original in my collection, the offers have filled a hand already and from some ''advanced'' collectors aswell LOL ;) NOT for sale.

    somehow i feel a slaughter coming on hahaha

    anyway cheers for popping mate and please take it easy with me

    i wasnt ''sure'' because i have never seen an original to compare to! i have much much much to learn Jo you have forgot more last weekend than i will ever remember buddy but one can only try?!

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    some more images next an original 1st pattern raute they match perfectly in construction, both are worn but one obviously a little more than the other, the 1st pattern still shows honest wear and age to the silver threads :)
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    some more
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