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    reverse with tag
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    Paul you are blowing my mind away with these beautifull insignia

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    Nice ones Paul. The Oberbann 5 aren't easy to find.

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    I am more and more amazed.

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    been collecting and researching this stuff for 45 years and have managed to squirrel away a few pieces in that time even survived one divorce from which I learned a great lesson.
    On another angle is everyone here a moderator and me the only Indian posting on this forum

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    Hi Paul
    I believe that there are 5 Mods .
    Currently I am not living in my house because of my Devorce .
    I will however be back at my house within 2 weeks , so I will be posting scans of my collection then.
    We all do appreciate you contributions more than you may realize .
    At least I know that I do.

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    Very nice patches. I love the photo of the RZM tag. I too feel that the Oberbann 5 is the most difficult to find. It is the only one missing from my set. I have seen two for sale this year, but they went very quickly.


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    very nice items again paul, as for oberbann 5 being the hardest is there a reason for this, i mean how many people where in onerbann5 compared to other oberbanns

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    There's a simple answer to that one actually Stu. When the colour system was in use there was a maximum assignable number of 6 Oberbanne within each Gebiet. However, not all Gebiete were the same size so it was not always the case that a Gebiet had the necessity for a fourth, fifth or sixth Oberbann.

    This means that the higher number colours of blue, black and white will have been used less back then which in turn would mean that they should be more difficult to find today compared to red, green and yellow.

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