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    great bit of info paul and explains a lot, thanks to dar and gar as well for the info

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    I wonder if these were bolts or individuals? I looked at mine and it looks like they were cut apart with a knife or scissors.

    Old brand new in the box items can be found all the time. A friend of mine owned a building years ago and sold it. The new owner found boxes of new car parts from the 50's still in original factory boxes in the attic. I was told the value was in the tens of thousands. It turns out the old building was a parts house for a car dealership.

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    its funny how people hold these things, on a different scale but a sports shop closed by me last year i knew the owners son and when i went with him to check it out there where 100`s of british premier football kits from 20yrs ago to the present that he had not sold and just put away its was like alladins cave, i had some 20 yr old man utd shirts still with the tags on lol

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    I remeber being a kid growing up on a USMC base that was in caretaker status. There were crates and crates full of old US steel helmets left over from WW2 and Korea. We would take a bunch of them out all the time and shoot them full of holes from our .22 rifles. I must have shot up at least a hundred of them, and laugh when I see what they go for now on sites and ebay.:eek::laugh:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul70 View Post
    Hey Stu,

    I remember you showing me that one and it was not made like any of mine with the white wings off to the sides.

    To give a little history about the colored runes and why so many of them look the same are unissued with no RZM tag. A big early collector of HJ who went around to stores that were athorized RZM retailers and manufacturors back in the 60's 70's and 80's found the bulk of the ones for sale today in one haul. He told me he went to a store and asked if they had any NS period items in the basement or storage. The guy took him into the back and said he personally destroyed everything that had a swastika during occupation. He found shoulder boards, insignia and all sorts of stuff without the swastika packed up in boxes. He opened up a box and found the early runes patches. When he turned them over they still had the RZM tag. The old man saw the Swastika on the tag, grabbed the box and said these are not for sale and would go into the trash. My friend begged for them and finally they agreed he could buy them but the tags would be removed and destroyed. The old man ripped the tags off and threw them into the trash. He never told me how many he found but he sold them very smartly by selling small batches over time so not to flood the market like the 663 or 565 boards. He did say that all the dealers bought from him and that the vast majority of unissued ones came from him no matter who the dealer was. Some have little pieces of the RZM tags left. Clyde also told me that he did find a few with most of the tags still attached but he kept them for himself. Mine do show remnants of the tags. The runes were as rare as hens teeth before he found the box. As Darin said finding a used one is hard to do. This is a very typical story for unissued stuff - box finds.

    So the rune might be original but it does not match what is known to be original from his lot.

    Note: He always asked more for the black on white ones because they were NPEA (ohhh ahh caaching!), eventhough he told me they were found in about equal numbers.
    Paul I am glad you told that story.Round about 14 years ago I purchased my set from Clyde,from his ad in DG------on a side note I have seen Clyde's collection and magnificent doesn't begin to describe it.So here I will show you what he sent me,the set cost me $100US plus shipping.
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    The rest of them.
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    Last one all from Clyde and that is the same story he told me.
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    Great set Wally! Outstanding work on clearing up some of the questions regarding Sigrunes here as well Paul and Wally. Well done.

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    this is what this forum is for sorting the fact from the fiction , i think we have definetly sorted some issues out in this thread well done everyone

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    Wally, I am assuming by D.G. you are refering to Der Gaultier. That's going back a ways for sure. I remeber being a youngster working a 5.00USD an hour job and drooling over things in D.G..

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