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    Cufftitle ... Stellv. Kreisjugendleiter.

    Stellv. Kreisjugendleiter cufftitle .

    I got this cufftitle aprox 6 months ago with the help of my friend Bertrand . I dont know if it is good or not .
    The cost was under a hundred dollars so not that much into it .
    It does not glow under UV light and the threads do not melt .

    What do you think ? Is it a wartime HJ or political cufftitle or fantasy insignia .

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    Anybody have an opinion ?

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    Never seen this one before personally Joe. You've got good experience with cloth items, trust your gut my friend.

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    Thanks Darin , This is one of those items that I really dont have a clue except it has something to do with an area or local youth leaders .

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    ONE of our European collectors or re searchers will have some info and opinion on this my gut is good and a bargain at that

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    Hi Joe,

    In HJ terms, the geographical area covered by the "Kreis" (county) was usually the same as that covered by the Bann and the officer in charge of the Bann was, as you of course know, a Bannführer. Even in the early days of the Hitler Youth there was no organisational structure within the movement called "Kreis". The term "Kreisjugendleiter" (the CT you show is for an assistant Kreisjugendleiter) was in use pre-HJ and is still in use today for various sporting associations so I don't personally think that the CT has a connection to the Hitler Youth.

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