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    Help with this Hitler Youth or Youth Stalhelm "LO Westberg" Cufftitle

    I recently picked up this Cufftitle in which I was told was from the Young Stalhelm Youth, any information in identifying this cufftitle would be greatly appreciated?, if this is a Stalhelm cufftitle was it associated with the Hitler Youth? Size is Approx: 8 X 3/4 "

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    The Jungstahlhelm was swallowed by the Hitler Youth in 1933 so the cufftitle does not have a HJ connection. Wim Saris will know more about Stahlhelm
    I'm sure but I thought they were blue?

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    I don't think it is Jungstahlhelm, as they were blue indeed, as far as I know
    they were woven, not embroidered.
    This color I haven't seen for them, nor this form. Nor do I know about the
    abbrevation L.O. I think it is for another organization, but I do not have a clue!

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    Sir, I appreciate the information provided, hopefully information will come to its identity, thanks. Mike

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