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    Thanks again! The photo on p. 514 of your Handbook of the Hitler-Jugund illustrates the cap and tunic I am refering to.

    I have the copy of the Military Advisor you refer to and will find the article. I had an NPEA student dagger marked to PGW, see Wittmann's chapter on the NPEA daggers in LTC Johnson's book series. I have a nice graduation -marked Spandau one now.

    One more question: I still have the piped SA lagermuetze illustrated on p. 584 (lower) of your joint book on Headgear of Hitler's Germany, vol. 3. I have heard of only one other vet acquired example of the same cap. Do you think the piping of lagermuetzen was restricted to this Gruppe; maybe to a unit within the Gruppe? I appreciate very much your input. I have narrowed my collection down to early SA, SS, NPEA and Ordensburgen items. Been collecting since mid-60s.

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    When you have the "Military Advisor" then you will see (upper page photograph).

    I know there are various daggers known with the marked PGW. In spite of the fact
    the Waisenhaus was no longer an NPEA after 1938 this type of dagger was still granted
    into mid-war. A wartime newspaper article I have read from Austria told about the

    I have not ever seen any regulation for a colored piping for a field-cap of the SA.
    Not in the early years, nor in the later wartime years. The field-cap shown looks
    great to me. Maybe some individuals from a group have done this. I believe they
    did it to attract. Maybe they had a special function and maybe one day one finds a
    photograph that shows its wearing, Edwin (saw the credit in the book. By the way all
    text-parts for the books were my responsibility. Since volume 3 I also took care for
    finding extra information and the needed photographs. Halcomb just checked my
    English and mr.Spronk took also care for photographs. That is why they were and
    still are upon the cover. Later Stan Cook took over the checking of my English,
    Halcomb was there "in honour" she started the series).

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    Thanks so much for the contributions you have made to the understanding of this period of history and the trappings associated with it. I have studied and collected the Third Reich and related items for many years. I have many books, both period and later references, such as yours. I have many DVDs with period films. I made small contributions to Weinand's first book on NPEA daggers as well as Wittmann's.

    I have been doing some digging related to the unit marked and numbered SA daggers. I have some from Gr Nordmark and Gr Pommern with correct brigade and Standarten numbers. I have seen some from other Gruppen, but they did not have correct Brigade numbers. I have Ralf Siegerts SS and SA dagger books.

    Thanks again! Edwin

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    As of today one of the Ordensburgen CT is on ebay:


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