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    Question about Osteinsatz der HJ cufftitle

    Hi mates,

    do you have photos of Osteinsatz der HJ cufftitles? I think it was home- and self-made like the Westeinsatz. Am I right? I guess it's a very rare one, right?

    Thanks and regards,

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    From E..., difficult to say if it is entirely handmade or not (note the two triangles)
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    I've just been reading through the instructions for the Osteinsatz and there is no mention of the cufftitle. There's also no mention of it in the clothing regulations so it looks like this
    was not an item which was officially introduced and distributed through the
    . This seems very strange when you consider how important the Osteinsatz was to Germany so perhaps the
    we see in photos were locally authorised which would explain why they all have a home-made appearance.

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    HMM seems a local tailor was very busy wonder if he made custom triangles also


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