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    Hitler Youth lanyard with red, white and black colours?

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    I once had an identical one to this years ago. Never found out much information but know they have been around since at least the 80s.

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    I feel it is a fake, would you agree ?

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    There were tri-colour lanyards but none with the combination red/white/black; certainly not at the time of the 15.9.1933 regulation anyway. The use of Landesfarben on lanyards was phased out beginning on the 15th of May 1934 and after the 1st of July 1934 they were no longer permitted for use but in any case, the lanyard on sale there is not the type shown in the period literature. Also, the presence of a red RZM tag on a non-standard lanyard (odd toggle-like things instead of standard single loop knots) is a big red flag. How does the seller describe it Paul?

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    To me it does not look like a lanyard at all. Judged after the way of construction, I think it is more a chinstrap to a cap - but I have no gues what cap it should be placed on.


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    To me it looks as a cap-cord, but for what organization I do not know.
    The three strands, as it is what the shown "lanyard" has, I haven't seen.
    but with two strands I did. As such it was worn by the Voluntary Labor
    Service. This early organization did not have to do with the RZM, but
    they were keen on the colors red-white black, which they called "nationale".

    img834.jpg 1934

    and another one from about 1933:

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    The example I had was identical to the one Paul has posted, including the tag and the "woggles" on it. Possibly even the same one, who knows, I sold it with my first collection years ago. I agree it looks like a visor cap cord or something. A mystery for now, but I don't think it's HJ rank related at all as said by the others.

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    Hi gentlemen , Garry it is not yet for sale but an upfront dealer asking for verification before selling. I knew it was not correct and you guys have confirmed this but in a more detailed way so thanks

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    Yes, visor cord in my opinion too.

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