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    Newbie Here - help Please! with Hitler Youth lanyard colour and ranks

    Hi Everyone and what a brilliant site

    I am a Re-Enactor and my son would like to portray a Hitler Youth Member

    My question is as a line member with no rank what colour would his lanyard be, he wants to have black shoulder boards with white piping

    But he is also very keen on the colour Red or red and white for a lanyard ???

    Thanks in advance for all who respond


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    If he wants to wear a red/white lanyard he'll have to wear Kameradschaftsführer straps (Kameradschaftsführer lanyard is at the bottom of the first pic) If he has no rank on his shoulder straps there is no requirement for a lanyard.

    Black shoulder boards with white piping were worn by the HJ-Streifendienst and
    Check the links to see the differences and go here and here for very good articles on the early and late Hitler Youth and Deutsches Jungvolk shoulder straps and boards.

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    Hi Gary

    Thanks for all your very kind help it is most appreciated


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    Sorry Nick, missed your name when I was writing that. There's stacks more on this as there were so many variations and changes over time so if you need more specific info just give us a shout If you let us know what rank he'd like to be, from what part of the Hitler Youth (standard HJ or a specialist), from which period (early or late
    ), his age - stuff like that - and we'll be able to give you the info to get him looking authentic.

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    hi garry wow and thanks so much

    Hi Garry

    Some background Information

    We belong to the Second Battle Group 1st
    Panzer Division, Re- Enactment Group.

    My son wants to portray a member of the HJ who wants to join the
    , circa 1942-1945 he is 13 and 5.8 tall

    The kit we have purchased for him so far are Summer Uniform, Winter Uniform, shooting badge, Black and white piped shoulder boards, proficiency badge, standard bearers arm shield, we have also purchased an
    shirt with the belt hooks attached as this was the only way we could get an affordable correct size tunic/shirt.

    Garry with your kind help if you would like to advise and we can model my son to the correct impression , my son and I have no real knowledge about the HJ but with your kind help that can all change, we are unsure of where all the badges should go or what type of badges we should get.

    What colour steel helmets did they have garry and what colour gas tins?

    I will send pics of him and hopefully we can do credit to you and the guys on this brilliant forum

    we are UK based so if you are in the UK perhaps you could pop along to a show and
    meet my son and myself?

    Sites where I bought the kit from are: for the badges and the
    Shirt and for the Summer and Winter uniforms : Home

    Kind Regards


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    Thanks for the detailed info Nick. Strictly speaking he would have been in the Deutsches Jungvolk at 13 but as you already have a lot of items he'll have to reenact an older boy :)

    Let me put this together and I'll get back to you here in a little while - latest during the day tomorrow.

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    thats brilliant gary thanks so much

    Hi Garry

    thats sounds fantastic thanks again, hear from you soon


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    Okay Nick, you have two options: HJ-Streifendienst (Hitler Youth MP) or general HJ. The HJ-Streifendienst was closely linked to the
    from 1938 and acted as a preferred recruitment pool so that is perhaps the more interesting of the two options but a standard non-specific HJ uniform would of course be the easier of the two to assemble.

    Here's the setup for the Streifendienst option:

    HJ-Streifendienst Kameradschaftsführer

    Minimum age 14 but more likely to have rank if your son portrays a 15 year-old.

    Uniform: standard winter and summer HJ uniform. No helmet, no gas mask. These were worn but only by the HJ auxiliary fire-fighting units (Feuerwehrscharen). If you are placing your son in a 'desperate last days of the war' scenario then really anything goes but for a correct and standard HJ-Streifendienst uniform there would be no helmet and no gas mask.

    Cloth insignia:

    HJ-Streifendienst shoulder straps (black with white piping and embroidered Bann number also in white). For the Bann number you could take the number of the HJ Bann which covered the area containing the LAH barracks which would be 37. Strap button number should be '1'.

    Red/white Kameradschaftsführer lanyard.

    HJ-Streifendienst Cufftitle (if you can't find one the uniform will still be correct for the period you are looking at because the regulations state that the cufftitle was not worn by Streifendienst members below the rank of Scharführer from December 1941). The cufftitle was sewn on to the left sleeve 3 to 4cm below the elbow. You see them worn lower than this however.

    Your standard bearer patch should be this type. It was worn on the upper right sleeve.

    There is a large range of additional cloth insignia which you could add if you wished but these would not be items specific to the HJ-Streifendienst. If you would like to add anything just let us know and we can give you some possibilities.

    Metal insignia:

    He will need the diamond-shaped HJ membership badge. It was worn on the left breast pocket.

    This type of shooting badge. It was worn on the right breast pocket directly below the achievement (proficiency) badge.

    The achievement badge should be the black or bronze level.

    There are other badges you could add - sports, day badges and we can suggest some if you'd like to add some but these are not absolutely necessary.


    I don't know if you guys go this far but he would have carried a special HJ-Streifendienst ID card. I have the standardised template for the for the Streifendienst ID and can scan that.

    If you have any questions fire away and we'll assist where we can.

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    Hi Garry, wow and wow again

    Hi Garry

    it isnt often that I am lost for words, i really really cant thank you enough for all your very kind and hard work with this research, I am just knocked out with your generosity.

    I will keep you posted how we progress with my sons impression, and I hope we portray the HJ accurately to honour you, and the various researchers and collectors alike within this wonderful forum.


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    It was a pleasure Nick. Again, if we can help any further with your project please let us know

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